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This is a wiki dedicated to teaching everyone who wants to know about Sealy's fighting game opus, Sango Guardian Chaos Generation.

Sang-what now?[]

Sango Guardian Chaos Generation is a one-on-one arcade fighting game developed by Guangzhou-based Sealy Corporation. 

The game stars a cast of famous warlords from the Three Kingdoms era of Chinese history, albeit with some wacky, modernised designs to give the game a distinct anachronistic flavour.

The game is fairly obscure, but quickly gained notoriety in poverty fighting game circles for its large number of mechanical inspirations (primarily SF4 and KOF), its strange character designs and its heavy... "borrowing" of animation assets from a number of high-profile fighting games.

However, for all of its technical unoriginality, the game very much stands on its own as an extremely silly, but very fun fighting game.

Alright, I'm interested.[]

Awesome! Sealy Corporation has released the full version of the game on Steam for a dirt-cheap $4.99 US!

Get it here!

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